Finally here!

Finally here!

Well!  It would be an understatement to say that life has taken over since I last posted (almost two years ago).  I kind of lost my edge for a while.  I now have exciting new things to write about (most days).

Just over a year ago we found out we were expecting a baby (January, 2013).  We were splendidly surprised by this news, embraced it and haven’t looked back since!  We were due September 5, 2013.  As soon as we were able to, we found out the gender of our baby-to-be.  GIRL GIRL GIRL!

We were fortunate enough to have two Baby Shower’s thrown for us.  One by my friends at work and one that combined both my family and CB’s family and friends. We were both blown away by the generosity and the love that everyone showered upon us.  So lucky!

I stopped working about ten days before we were due.  I was still feeling great but was secretly hoping to deliver early (I didn’t want my daughter to have to deal with her birthday landing on the first day of school her entire life).  Work helped me keep active during my pregnancy.  The last few days at work I felt like I dragged my butt, no one was really expecting much from me at that point though.

I tried not to let myself worry about labour and delivery (I am a notorious over thinker). I managed to keep an open mind and not let myself get panicked – what needed to happen would happen and everything would be fine! I think that the baby calmed me on this.  Thankfully that is exactly how it happened.

Labour Day weekend hit and I was still pregnant.  My Mom came up to visit in the hopes she’d be lucky enough to be here if I went into labour.  CB, my Mom and I headed in to the city on Sunday to pick up a few odds and ends for the baby’s room and really just do something to keep busy.  We had a great day shopping and grabbed lunch.  We were home late and our downstairs neighbours were having a party.  I attempted to be patient with the party and managed to get a few hours sleep through the noise.

My Mom headed out-of-town early Monday morning as the weekend came to a close. By the time she got home (about  2 1/2 hrs later) I was pretty certain I was in labour. Of course!  I was pretty cool and calm – figuring this would be a long process, I headed to have a nap.  Around 4:00 pm I decided that maybe I should start timing my contractions.  They were coming quite often but not consistent in length so we waited.  (I was going on the theory 5-1-1, 5 minutes apart, 1 minute in length for 1 hour – HA!)  CB was anxious.  I told him to go ahead and start making dinner and if anything were to happen we’d just put dinner in the fridge and head out. And that’s exactly how it happened.  CB finished cooking and he decided enough was enough (luckily he did).  We were headed to the hospital around 5:30 pm, checked in by 6:00 pm (4 cm dilated) and pushing by 10:00 pm.

We welcomed Baby SB at 10:20 pm, September 2, 2013, 7 lbs 4 oz and 20″ long. She was perfect (and still is)!

We did it!!

We did it!!